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Article I- General


Sec. 2.101 Composition and election of council

Sec. 2.102 Eligibility for the mayor and councilmen

Sec. 2.103 Term of mayor and councilmen

Sec. 2.104 Oath of mayor and councilmen

Sec. 2.105 Election of officers and employees

Sec. 2.106 Meetings of council

Sec. 2.107 Minutes of council meetings

Sec. 2.108 Mayor to preside; presence of quorum

Sec. 2.109 Order of proceedings of council

Sec. 2.110 Addressing the council

Sec. 2.111 Recognition of speakers

Sec. 2.112 How often members may speak

Sec. 2.113 Voting

Sec. 2.114 Reasons for voting may be recorded.

Sec. 2.115 Mayor's power to vote.

Sec. 2.116 Dissolution of power and duties when mayor absent or incapacitated

Sec. 2.117 Ordinances.

Sec. 2.118 Appointment of special committees.

Sec. 2.119 Vacancies of office.

Sec. 2.120 Salaries.

Sec. 2.121 Enforcement of ordinances, laws, etc.

Sec. 2.122 Right of entry.

Sec. 2.123 Resisting or interfering with municipal officer or employees.

Sec. 2.124 Term of officers and removal.

Sec. 2.125 Clerk and treasurer.

Sec. 2.126 Duties

Sec. 2.127 Town attorney.


Article I- General

Sec. 2.101. Composition and election of council.

The town council shall be composed of a mayor and four councilmen who shall be elected at large at an election held as provided in Chapter 5 of this code.

Sec. 2.102. Eligibility for mayor and councilmen.

To be eligible for the position of mayor or of councilman, a person shall be duly qualified elector of the town residing within the town limits.


Sec. 2.103. Term of mayor and councilmen.

The mayor shall hold office for a period of two (2) years, with councilmen holding -office for a period of four (4) years, or until the successors shall be duly elected and qualified. Councilman who receives high vote will serve as Mayor Pro Tern for succeeding two (2) years.

Sec. 2.104. Oath of mayor and councilmen.

The mayor and councilman before entering upon the duties of their respective offices shall take the following oath, to wit: "I do solemnly swear that I am duly qualified, according to the Constitution of this State, to exercise the duties of the office to which I have been elected and that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge the duties thereof, and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of this State and of the United States.

As mayor (or councilmen) of the Town of Quinby, I will equally, fairly, and impartially, to the best of my ability, and skill, exercise the trust reposed in me, and will use my best endeavor to preserve the peace and carry into effect according to law the purposes for which I have been elected So help me God."

Sec. 2.105 Election of officers and employees.

At the first regular meeting of the council after the inauguration or as soon thereafter as practicable, all town officers and employees provided for in this code and any other officers deemed necessary by the council shall, be elected.


Sec. 2.106 Meetings of council.

The regular meeting of the council shall be held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Special meetings of the council may be called by the Mayor in cases of emergency or when in his judgment, the good of the town requires it. The Mayor shall call extra or special meetings when requested to do so in writing by three (3) members.

Sec. 2.107 Minutes of council meetings.

The clerk and treasurer shall attend all meetings of the council and keep minutes of the proceedings. He shall write such minutes out in a book designated as "THE MINUTES OF THE TOWN COUNCIL OF QUINBY" and make an index thereto.

Sec. 2.108 Mayor to preside; presence of quorum.

Immediately at the hour appointed for meetings, the mayor shall take the chair and, if a quorum be present, shall proceed to business. A majority of the members of council shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. 2.109 Order of proceedings of council.

The order of the proceedings of council shall be as follows:

(a) Reading minutes of last meeting.

(b) Reports from committees.

(c) Unfinished old business.

(d) New business.

(e) Announcements.

(f) Adjournment.

Sec. 2.110. Addressing the council.

Every member of the council, when about to speak, shall address the mayor as "Mr. Mayor” and in speaking, shall avoid all disrespect to the council and all personalities, and shall confine himself to the subject under consideration. 

Sec. 2.111. Recognition of speakers.

The Mayor, when addressed by a member who rises in order, shall name the member, using no title but that of "Mr.”. The member, who shall rise first in order, shall be first heard. If several members rise about the same time, the mayor shall decide who shall speak first.

Sec. 2.112. How often members may speak.

No member shall speak more than twice on the same question except to explain.

Sec. 2.113. Voting.

The "yeas" and "nays" on any question shall always be recorded, when requested by any member. When the question has been stated, and the first response has been made to the call of the clerk and treasurer, all debate shall cease, and no member shall say more than "yea" or "nay". During the call no member shall leave the council chamber. Every member present shall, when his name is called, give his vote unless excused by the council.

Sec. 2.114 Reasons for voting may be recorded.

Any member of the council may, if he desires, have his reasons for voting for or against any measure recorded on the minutes.

Sec. 2.115. Mayor's power to vote.

The mayor may vote on all questions coming before council, and must vote on any issue to prevent a tie vote.


Sec. 2.116. Dissolution of the powers and duties when mayor absent or incapacitated.

The council shall, at the first meeting after inauguration, appoint one of the councilmen as mayor pro tempore (one receiving the highest vote shall serve for the following two (2) years). It shall be the duty of the mayor pro tempore to act as mayor in the absence of the mayor or when the mayor is incapable of the duties of the office. In the absence or inability to act for both the mayor and mayor pro tempore, the duties of the mayor shall be performed by such councilman as the council shall name.

Sec. 2.117. Ordinances.

It shall be the duty of the council to pass, from time to time, such ordinances as in their judgment shall best promote the interest of the citizens and property holders of the town.

Sec. 2.118. Appointment of special committees.

All special committees shall be appointed by the mayor unless a ballot by council be called for.

Sec. 2.119. Vacancies in office.

Whenever any of the officers of the town elected by the council shall be removed from office, die, resign, or is incapacitated to perform the duties incident thereto any loner, a new election by the council to fill the vacancy during the experienced term for which the office had been conferred on the person so removed, dead, resigned, or incapacitated shall be held after notice to each member of the council.

Sec. 2.120. Salaries.

The salary of each officer of the town elected by the council shall be fixed, designated and regulated by a resolution of the council from time to time as the council shall deem fit.

Sec. 2.121. Enforcement of ordinances, laws, etc.

It is the duty of all officers and employees of the Town of Quinby to enforce obedience to the Code of the Town of Quinby.


Sec.2.122 Right of entry.

Any officer or employee in order to carry out his duties shall have the right to enter any such premises or vehicle at any reasonable time in pursuance of such duties.

Sec.2.123 Resisting or interfering with municipal officers or employees.

It shall be unlawful for any person to resist or interfere with any municipal officer or employee in the discharge of his duties.


Sec.2.124 Term of officers and removal.

Each officer or employee elected by the Town Council shall be elected for such tern as the council may designate and shall be subject to removal from office or employment for any cause that the council may deem sufficient; and each election or appointment to any office or position is made and accepted with special reference to this section,


Sec.2.125 Clerk and treasurer.

There shall be elected by the council an officer to be known as the Clerk and Treasurer of the town, who shall hold office for the term of one year, or until his successor is duly elected and qualified, unless removed from office by the council.


Sec. 2.126 Duties of clerk and treasurer.

The clerk and treasurer shall collect all claims and accounts that may be due and payable to the town; receive all monies belonging to the town; issue all licenses and
badges for which provision may be made; pay all bills owed by the town when approved by the council; make statement of financial condition of the town as ordered by the council;

keep account of all monies and accounts and report .to council; give notice to all members of the council of regular and special meetings; and perform such other duties as may be
required by the council.

Sec.2.127 Town attorney.

There shall be elected annually by the Town Council at the time of the regular- election of town officers a lawyer of good and reputable standing as Town Attorney. The said attorney shall hold office for one year and until his successor is elected and qualified.

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