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Sec. 6.101. Adoption of rules and regulations of the Executive Committee of the State Department of Health.
Sec. 6.102 Nuisances.

Sec. 6.103 Power of council to declare nuisances; abatement.
Sec. 6.104 Refusal to abate nuisances; abatement by town, costs.

Sec. 6.105 Garbage and refuse defined.
Sec. 6.106 Receptacles.
Sec. 6.107 Location of receptacles.
Sec. 6.108 Building Wastes.

Sec. 6.109 Weeds, prohibited.
Sec. 6.110 Declared to be a nuisance.
Sec. 6.111 Notice to clean up premises, failure to comply.
Sec. 6.112 Removal by town


Sec.6.101 Adoption of rules and regulations of the Executive Committee of the State Department of Health.

There is hereby adopted and made a part of this Chapter as fully as though set out, all the provisions and requirements of the rules and" regulations promulgated by the Executive
Committee of the State Board of Health, pursuant to Section 32-8 of the 1976 South Carolina Code and acts amendatory thereto

Sec.6.102 Nuisances.

Any set of any person or corporation whereby the health or life of any individual may be endangered, injured or impaired, or any disease may, directly or indirectly, be caused by such act or because of such act any property may be endangered, injured or damaged, is hereby declared to be a nuisance. It shall be unlawful for any owner, occupant or agent of lots or premises, whether occupied or vacant, within the town limits to permit the same to become unsanitary by allowing any offensive matter or thing upon such lot or premises which may be detrimental to health or to permit any trash, rubbish, waste, refuse, manure, straw, hay or thing to accumulate and remain upon such premises, or to throw deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited upon any vacant lot or premises such thing which may endanger, injure or damage another's health or property.

Sec. 6.103 Power of council to declare nuisances; abatement.

It shall be lawful at any time for the town council to declare certain things, the existence of which may be deemed unhealthy or harmful to the citizens of the city, as nuisances, whether heretofore embraced and defined in any ordinance or not, and such nuisances may be abated by the town council.



Sec. 6.104 Refusal to abate nuisances; Abatement by Town; costs.

Any person who refuses or neglects to abate a nuisance or any matter or thing which, in the opinion of the board of health, endangers the public health of the town after having
been directed to do so by any person acting under authority of the board of health shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. In the event of such refusal or neglect it shall be the duty
of the health officer to have removed or abated such nuisance. All expenses incurred in abating or removing any nuisance shall be recoverable from the owner or occupant of the
premises from which the nuisance shall be removed or abated, or from any person causing or maintaining such nuisance, in the same manner as debts of the same amount are now recoverable.

Sec.6.105 Garbage and refuse defined.

For the purposes of this chapter, garbage is defined as the organic waste matter, both animal and vegetable, from houses, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.,
and it comprises chiefly waste food Garbage does not include liquid that may be drained into the sewer. Refuse is waste material other than garbage.

Sec.6.106 Receptacles.

Except as otherwise provided, all householders and proprietors of business houses shall provide receptacles for all garbage and refuse for removal by the town. The following
rules and regulations shall be observed: Receptacles shall be substantial and provided with tight fitting covers and strong handles. The covers shall be kept on the receptacles at all times except when being filled or emptied. Receptacles shall not have more than thirty gallons capacity each, and if one is not sufficient to hold the quantity of garbage accumulated between collections, a sufficient number of similar receptacles shall be provided. When refuse only is disposed of, it may be placed in a receptacle approved by the health officer; his receptacle shall be anchored or fastened so as to prevent it being overturned.

Sec.6.107 Location of receptacles.

Garbage and refuse receptacles must be so placed as to be easily accessible to the collector in removing same.


Sec. 6.108 Building waste

No building materials or refuse from building operations or landscape contract work will be handled by town forces.

Sec. 6.109 Weeds, prohibited.

No person shall allow or permit weeds and grass to grow and be upon his premises within the corporate limits of the town, uncut so as to render the premises unsightly or unhealthy from the growth and accumulation of such grass, weeds, and vegetable matter thereon.

Sec. 6.110 Declared to be a nuisance.

To permit the growth and accumulation of grass, weeds and vegetable
matter so as to render premises unsightly or unhealthy, if within one hundred feet of any building or dwelling, is hereby declared to be a nuisance and unlawful.

Sec. 6.111 Notice to clean up premises; failure to comply.

The town, upon notice of the failure of any person to comply with the requirements of Sections 6-9 and 6-10 of this chapter, shall at once notify the persons so violating to clean up his premises within five days. Any person violating such sections, or any person failing or refusing to remove such nuisance within five days after notice as provided for, shall be guilty of misdemeanor.

Sec. 6.112 Removal by town.

Upon failure of any person to remove and abate the nuisance, as provided in this article, within five days after notice, weather permitting, then the town may enter upon the premises of the person offending and cause the nuisance to be removed by removing the objectionable matter from the premises and by cutting and removing the weeds and grass there from, and charge the expense thereof to the owner of the premises, and the cost of removal shall be assessed thereon and collected by the town.

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