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The Town of Quinby will be conducting Mosquito control spraying at various times of the following weeks. The following are some of the particulars of the spraying that we will be conducting.

  • Each time we spray we will cover the entire Town.

  • The System that we are using is an ULV (Ultra Low Volume) system. You will not see a large plume of smoke coming from the truck as it passes. Instead the is a very fine "mist" that will be coming from the machine in the back of the truck.

  • The product we are using (PCT 3-15 ULV) has very little smell and is very effective in controlling mosquitoes.

  • Wind direction and Temperature are MAJOR factors in deciding how and when we spray.

  • Please avoid direct contact the the chemical product- meaning do not stand in the direct heavily concentrated spray directly behind the delivery vehicle.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Chief Coxe while on patrol or by calling 843-669-3031.

PCT 3-15 ULV Documents

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